Baron Manufacturing links with Deposco to drive inventory visibility and order management

Inventory accuracy
Increase in daily revenue
Increase in warehouse sqft.


Baron Manufacturing specializes in offering top-quality hardware such as clips, eye-bolts, snaps, cables, and chains. Baron Manufacturing has won over a number of large, loyal customers and has seen tremendous growth as a supplier. With their growth came a need to implement a more efficient, and scalable warehouse management system.

Prior to Deposco, Baron Manufacturing did not have a warehouse management system and relied solely on QuickBooks for inventory and order tracking, resulting in inventory discrepancies and inaccuracies during order fulfillment. Additionally, not knowing the location of inventory in the warehouse compounded these inaccuracies and contributed to major inefficiencies across the board.

"Deposco provides great inventory visibility, allowing us to communicate accurate stock levels to our customers and enabling us to designate reorder points and place purchase orders with our suppliers in a timely manner."


Deposco’s pre-built integration with QuickBooks was a perfect fit for Baron Manufacturing in terms of functionality, scalability, budget, and timeline. Deposco also added EDI integrations with SPS Commerce, allowing Baron to streamline their order-to-cash cycle by connecting them directly to their customers for purchase order and invoice processing.

Baron also implemented Deposco’s Bright Order application, which controls inventory management and order fulfillment. With increased inventory visibility, Baron has been able to make better-informed purchasing decisions.

Baron successfully moved beyond their legacy systems and manual paper processes to streamline their operations, allowing them to scale amongst a growing customer base. Baron has been able to eliminate inefficiencies in order processing and fulfillment. Their picking, packing, shipping, and returns processes have been radically optimized to allow for same-day shipping to consumers.


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