ITB Fulfillment - Customer Success Story with Deposco

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ITB Fulfillment ships 9x more packages in first year with Deposco WMS solution

More throughput with same size staff
Uptime - $0 sales lost to outages
Error rate


ITB Fulfillment is a 3PL leader that helps companies mature from garage-based seller to worldwide e-tailer, without ever having to worry about shipping again. They ship weekly to Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy with a sweet spot in high-volume Direct-to-Consumer and multichannel commerce. Most of their clients are operating in unfamiliar territory. ITB’s ability to execute faster on an increasing volume of orders and constantly shifting goalposts was table stakes to their business.

However, frequent outages of their prior WMS solution were paralyzing ITB’s warehouse at the worst times. Forced to fall back on paper-based methods, they couldn’t keep up with the speed of orders coming in. Every shutdown led to backlogs, manual catch-up work on weekends, missed shipments, and errors that killed deals. They needed a reliable, efficient WMS solution that would open the flood gates as their clients’ orders poured in.

It doesn’t take a lot of tribal knowledge in order to be successful with Deposco. Onboarding is a breeze. The automation and user-friendly interface greatly shortened our new-employee training; the process could be a couple of minutes to maybe an hour.


In under 8 weeks, Deposco implemented a fully automated, cloud-based WMS solution that uses barcodes and handhelds on the floor to streamline bulk order processing from dock to receipt, with unmatched accuracy. ITB’s team can see in advance what’s coming in for every SKU order, along with a customer printout of all packing slips and shipping labels. Now, thousands of orders can ship with just a few people.

Client orders automatically sync into the WMS system using one of Deposco’s 100+ pre-built software integrations (Shopify, in this case). ITB now has a plethora of direct sockets readily available as they scale, plus expert help with any rules-based customizations needed.

In October 2019, ITB shipped 10K packages. By December 2020, they shipped 90K packages. So in just over a year with Deposco, they were fulfilling 9x more orders without hiring 9x more people. In addition, ITB is reporting an error rate of less than 1%. Being able to deliver this level of client confidence, and ship this much more without tripling their staff is huge for ITB and their clients as they scale.

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