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Robertson Marketing is a global distributor of promotional products, providing creative merchandise, fulfillment, and best-in-class technology to connect with customers and employees. The company’s 250,000 sqft distribution center in Salem, VA, handles custom orders including printing, special kitting, warehousing and fulfillment.

While demand for their products and services was growing, Robertson’s existing WMS was missing critical functionality and product support, limiting their ability to scale. Robertson was struggling to find a new partner who could adapt to their unique business model and address the challenges particular to their growing business that includes a wide range of projects and customization. After a long search for a WMS partner whose product functionality met their unique needs, Robertson selected Deposco.  


While other WMS solution providers did not understand our unique fulfillment model and weren’t that interested in trying to figure it out, Deposco jumped in with both feet and worked with us through the entire process as a true partner.


Robertson has worked with Deposco to implement a number of new processes to increase order accuracy, inventory visibility, and workforce efficiency. Moving to an order-based inventory replenishment model has helped eliminate excessive stock while creating better inventory accessibility for pickers. Creating further labor efficiencies, warehouse staff have been organized into inbound and outbound teams. Additionally, a new process flow utilizing a quarantine method that sends stock to a reserve before going to its next destination has improved order accuracy, critical to a business with a high volume of orders moving around the warehouse at any given time.  In addition, Robinson started using LPNs to accurately track stock movements within the warehouse, which is critical to a business with small-batch custom orders.

Partnering with Deposco has helped Robertson meet changing customer demands while their orders and customizations increased exponentially.  But more importantly, Deposco has the business poised for success as they continue to grow in the coming years. 

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