Wholesale supply chain software

Expand access to new customers faster with Deposco Bright Suite supply chain software. With more than 100+ pre-built integrations, adding new channels, marketplaces, and even customers is simple. Allow customers an easy access point to place orders and view shipment information.

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"The volume of orders we receive online today we would not be able to fulfill without Deposco. We have been able to grow year over year fulfilling and shipping more orders than the year before with the same team we started with."

Sell, ship, and create partnerships confidently with Bright Suite

Focus on inventory optimization

Balancing the ratio of stock on hand is essential to avoid overstocking the wrong products and having enough in stock for large orders. Discover ways to reduce inventory on hand, and gain the flexibility to shift to market demands.

Ship direct to consumer

Create new revenue opportunities by opening up new channels of business and shipping directly to consumers. Boost your wholesale supply chain flexibility with software designed for multiple operational channels of business.

Gain 100% order visibility

Track orders from conception to doorstep with full visibility to you and your customers. Deposco Bright Suite supply chain software lets you check orders and inventory counts from anywhere on any device.

Forecast with advanced analytics

Predict which inventory to stock, and track sales with advanced data and analytics. To improve supply chain resilience, gain better visibility into networks and channels so that your company can avoid the bottlenecks and stocking errors that occur.

Exceed customer expectations

  • A unified view of all operations in one supply chain software system
  • Automated pick, pack, and ship
  • Waved or waveless strategies based on priority
  • Inventory segmentation across marketplaces
  • Cartonization and kitting options
  • Gamification for team engagement
  • SSPS label generation for EDI
  • Onboard new employees within 15 minutes
  • Direct API with shipping carriers
  • Differentiate B2B and B2C inventory

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