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LazyOne can rest easy knowing B2C and B2B orders are efficiently managed with Deposco

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LazyOne, a pajama seller out of Utah, depended on their ERP system to manage inventory, which lacked visibility and strained the ability to efficiently utilize space. Inventory was not tracked, causing confusion, inefficiency, and errors. In addition, paper-based processes created errors within the inventory and outbound orders.

Physically allocating inventory was required to differentiate B2B and B2C inventory in the picking and packing process. LazyOne’s growth was hindered due to the inability to manage B2B and B2C orders at the same time.

In addition, due to high demands during peak season, seasonal labor was required to keep up with orders. Onboarding time was lengthy and costly due to the weeks of training required to ramp up a new employee.

The volume of orders we receive online today we would not be able to fulfill without Deposco. We have been able to grow year over year fulfilling and shipping more orders than the year before with the same team we started with.


Due to the magnitude of issues, LazyOne realized something had to change. Their logistics partner positioned Deposco as a premier partner for a cloud-based, warehouse management system that provided both the inventory visibility and control to handle their B2B and B2C orders.

LazyOne is now fully automated to allocate inventory, dissolving all paper-based processes and designating a place for every item. Deposco empowers LazyOne to onboard new hires within days instead of weeks saving both time and money. This allows LazyOne to respond to peak season demands as well as unexpected spikes in orders.

In addition, Deposco enabled LazyOne to distribute and support a multichannel environment, especially in the B2C space, with Amazon direct-to-consumer fulfillment and integrations to their website. LazyOne has seen tremendous year-over-year growth and has been able to respond to their growing order volume by making more efficient use of their existing team.

Success stories


Educational Development Corp
"We’ve had an increase in sales but what we’ve really done is consolidate our expenses and really honed in on how to increase the profit margins."
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Wellness Corporate Solutions
"The switch to Deposco revolutionized our warehouse and how we do things. The hidden strength of Deposco is the confidence it has given our team. We know we can deliver and so do our customers."
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Lifeguard Press
"Deposco has dramatically simplified the process of onboarding new hires, which used to be very time-consuming."
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