Third-party logistics (3PL)

3PL fulfillment software

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) and ecommerce are on overdrive. Which puts your 3PL business in the hot seat to support new services, large volumes, and clients with new and complex needs. Are you seeing profits decline because of this? Scale smarter with integrated 3PL fulfillment software offering fast onboarding, real-time warehouse management and order tracking, and 3PL billing automation. Everything you need to be the top choice for third-party logistics, in a central third-party logistics software platform.

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Increase in shipping volume YOY

Deposco liberated us (a 3PL) from relying on a provider to onboard clients. We are now able to onboard our own clients directly while having the option for support when custom work is needed. This has reduced the time to onboard new clients from multiple weeks to just days.

The partner of choice for top third-party logistics companies

3pl wms and oms unify

Integrate warehouse management, OMS and DOM

Deposco’s Bright Suite creates a seamless, cohesive experience for your company and your customers. Integrated 3PL WMS, OMS and DOM solutions provide total control and value-rich services, with fast onboarding. So you can scale profitably. Access all 3PL WMS, order tracking, and billing activity in one central 3PL fulfillment software interface.

Adapt to specific client needs

Win bigger clients and retain existing business with easy-to-onboard, easy-to-manage services for a variety of custom requests. Support custom kitting, retailer-specific SSCC labels, and multiple marketplaces with complex shipping options. Configure Bright Suite to each client's needs to provide the best service experience at higher profit margins.

3PL third party logistics billing

Simplify 3PL billing

Our 3PL fulfillment software enables you to bill per client, per task, and per order. Full visibility for both you and the client helps everyone stay on the same page for order transactions and locations as well as costs. Close gaps, get paid faster, and stop losing revenue on services that are hard to bill!

3pl third party logistics onboarding

Onboard new clients faster

Deposco’s 3PL fulfillment software is user-friendly. With the largest library of pre-built integrations, our 3PL WMS can onboard new clients in a week or less. And start selling right away, with far less time spent on the phone or answering client inquiries.

A flexible 3PL fulfillment software solution configured to your clients’ needs

  • Cloud-native system
  • API integration
  • Real-time inventory and order visibility
  • Self-sufficient onboarding of new clients
  • Custom packing slips and kitting
  • Retail label SOWs
  • Rate shopping
  • Export customer invoices direct
  • Comprehensive EDI support
  • SSCC compliant retailer labels
Frequently asked questions

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  • A 3PL fulfillment solution is a SaaS WMS and OMS platform built on a singular codebase. It brings flexibility and savings to 3PLs that are handcuffed by high volume, complexities, and competition. A 3PL fulfillment solution can easily connect to existing systems (ERP or CRM) with real-time data exchange between the 3PL WMS and legacy databases; no custom coding. Tailor the system to fit unique workflows without friction, error, or lag - improving your responsiveness in serving the evolving needs of clients.
  • 3PL solutions make third-party logistics businesses more profitable in supporting new services, large volumes, and new clients with increasingly complex needs. Advanced cloud 3PL software offers integrated warehouse management and order management to compress onboarding lead times, close billing gaps and speed payment, and simplify real-time order tracking and customer service for a growing range of custom requests and complexities - especially in DTC fulfillment contracts. Learn about software to improve your 3PL fulfillment operations. 
  • Start with these top 4 areas that matter most: 1. Scalability: does the architecture evolve with the needs of modern clients? 2. Quality, Automated Customer Portal: clients will pay more for confidence, security, speed, and convenience. 3. Sense of Control: can it quickly and accurately solve the unexpected? 4. Simplicity: does it accelerate onboarding, reduce IT costs, and facilitate value-added services like seamless order tracking and billing? Learn more about 3PL fulfillment solutions that win customers for life.
  • Third-party logistics firms stand to benefit the most from these 3 features of a 3PL warehouse management software system: 1. Billing flexibility; 2. Data dashboards; and 3. Client accessibility. These value-pumping solutions enable 3PL firms to develop a more efficient multi-channel fulfillment strategy with specific features that optimize the client experience.

Success stories

Third-party logistics (3PL)

Left Brain Logistics
"The thing that really impressed me the most with Deposco is the level of attention and level of personal service that we got from them, starting with our sales representative, all the way through to today. I feel like they have a very vested interest in helping our business grow."
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Third-party logistics (3PL)

ITB Fulfillment
"It doesn’t take a lot of tribal knowledge in order to be successful with Deposco. Onboarding is a breeze. The automation and user-friendly interface greatly shortened our new-employee training; the process could be a couple of minutes to maybe an hour."
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Third-party logistics (3PL)

RIM Logistics
"Our team values the open relationship we have with the Deposco team, and their high level of commitment to create and maintain a partnership with us."
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