Third-party logistics (3PL)

3PL fulfillment solution

With an industry that exceeds $1 trillion dollars, it is evident why so many new 3PLs are coming to market. Supporting a diverse portfolio of customers, Deposco enables your 3PL to expand your network and grow your customer base through new industries and channels.

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Increase in shipping volume YOY

"Deposco liberated us from relying on a provider to onboard clients. We are now able to onboard our own clients directly while having the option for support when custom work is needed. This has reduced the time to onboard new clients from multiple weeks to just days."

The partner of choice for top third-party logistics companies


Unify WMS and OMS systems

Deposco’s Bright Suite creates a seamless, cohesive experience for your 3PL and your customers with our combined WMS/OMS solution. The connection between the two solutions provides you with control on all processes for an optimal omnichannel supply chain operation. Access all information and take action in one central user interface.

Adapt to specific client needs

Reach new industries by serving a variety of client needs. Offer custom kitting, retailer-specific SSCC labels, and multiple marketplaces and shipping options. Configure Bright Suite to each client’s needs to provide the best service experience possible.

3PL billing

Simplify billing

Our 3PL billing system enables you to bill per client, per task, and per order. Full visibility for both you and the client helps everyone stay on the same page for order transactions and locations as well as costs. Stop losing revenue on services that are hard to bill!


Onboard new clients faster

Deposco’s solution is user-friendly, allowing many of our 3PL clients to onboard themselves. Prebuilt integrations make it fast for clients to start selling right away. With the largest library of prebuilt integrations, Deposco makes it possible for your 3PL to onboard new clients in a week or less!

A flexible solution configured to your clients’ needs

  • Cloud-native system
  • API integration
  • Real-time inventory and order visibility
  • Self-sufficient onboarding of new clients
  • Custom packing slips and kitting
  • Retail label SOWs
  • Rate shopping
  • Export customer invoices direct
  • Comprehensive EDI support
  • SSCC compliant retailer labels

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