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EDC closes the book on legacy technology and optimizes new warehouse with Deposco solution

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Fastest growing retailer in the US
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Educational Development Corporation (EDC) is the exclusive trade publisher of a line of children’s books produced in the United Kingdom. The company distributes these books through independent consultants, libraries, and various book and toy stores.

Due to their rapid growth, EDC’s customer demand increased faster than their legacy technology could adapt. With a maximum output capacity of 6,000 orders a day, a backlog developed, amounting to over 40,000 orders. In addition, they were challenged to scale into their over 230K square foot warehouse without additional labor.

It was clear that EDC needed the right technology to efficiently manage and optimize their inventory and orders while integrating to existing systems, namely Sage X3 ERP, to eliminate manual and paper processes.


We’ve had an increase in sales but what we’ve really done is consolidate our expenses and really honed in on how to increase the profit margins.


Deposco partner, UPS, completed a warehouse assessment for EDC, and confidently positioned Deposco as a certified solution that could drastically improve inventory visibility, execute on multi-carrier shipping and provide an end-to-end supply chain solution that optimizes receiving, putaway, replenishment, picking, packing, and tracking.

Deposco was also able to reduce the cost to fulfill an order by over 77%, saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. EDC saw increases in labor efficiencies, allowing them to go from three shifts to two shifts per day for warehouse employees. Additionally, EDC saw a rise in throughput, fulfilling well over 10,000 orders per shift, resulting in zero orders backlogged and an order accuracy rate of over 98%.

The Deposco solution directly impacted EDC’s ability to scale, and in 2018, EDC was named a Top 10 Fastest-Growing Retailer in the US by Internet Retailer. On January 22, 2018, EDC rang the closing bell at NASDAQ while celebrating their highest stock price in company history.

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