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Wellness Corporate Solutions brings order management and fulfillment to full health with Deposco

Outbound order accuracy rate
Decrease in shipping time
Decrease in pick and pack time


Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS) offers biometric screenings, health coaching, flu vaccine clinics, wellness program consulting, and more. In their industry, gathering data and tracking were the vital next steps in expanding their knowledge and growth.

Before the implementation of Deposco, WCS was accounting for inventory manually with no warehouse management system. By placing trust in paper slips and excel files for the inventory’s location, there was no visibility causing time delays. With no system, it took 1-3 hours to get an order fulfilled. Furthermore, returns were untraceable creating a risk if inventory would in fact return.

In order to scale, WCS had to remove manual, paper-based processes and implement a solution that was automated and scalable.


The switch to Deposco revolutionized our warehouse and how we do things. The hidden strength of Deposco is the confidence it has given our team. We know we can deliver and so do our customers.


When searching for a solution, data and flexibility were two crucial factors WCS knew they needed, especially when it applied to returns. Deposco offered WCS flexibility, customization and data dashboards in a single system comprising of both a fulfillment and management system.

Every item that leaves the warehouse is barcoded and scanned, resulting in zero incomplete orders shipping out. Both the WCS team and the client receive automated UPS notifications once the bin is shipped out, providing full visibility of orders.

All scanners are now connected to Deposco providing detailed information of who picked an item, when he/she picked it and how long it took to complete the order. This provides WCS with workforce management metrics to better train and monitor employee performance while also expediting order fulfillment and execution.

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