Does it seem like no matter what you do each year to prevent peak season from becoming a total ship-show, the surprises and emergencies still blow up in your face? 

We’ve spent the past few months warning about the perils of using old technology to manage new problems. Failure to keep your fulfillment systems up-to-date is now officially reckless. 

For one reason or another, businesses tend to forget the agony of peak season until the next year when they’re right back in it. Like clockwork, those mid-August S.O.S. phone calls start rolling in:

  • “We thought we could get by one more year without upgrading our warehouse management system (or order management system)”.
  • “We meant to implement something, but just never had the time”.
  • “We never realized how much time we waste trying to get information out of our ERP. Something’s gotta change!”
  • “We cannot go through another year in fear; a peak-season system outage is one of our worst nightmares”.
  • “Now I have to explain the January numbers to my CFO – why were sales earnings up, but our margins continue to erode?”

The January blues

How do you feel about your peak season? Wishing you were sipping a cold one on a beach somewhere? Or are you nursing the proverbial January hangover of over-indulged spending related to:

  • Seasonal labor, overtime, and onboarding?
  • Rush shipping fees?
  • Chargebacks?
  • Stockouts?
  • Late, missed, and incorrect shipments?
  • Angry customers? 
  • Angry supply chain partners?

Did you experience October jitters around what would happen if your system goes down?

We don’t want you to feel this way ever again. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

Peak season: disaster-free in 2023

Do you want your 2023 Peak Season to be free of inventory system outages, excessive costs, and “We’re sorry’s”? For Deposco customers, it already is. 

During Peak Week, our WMS didn’t blink.

  • Deposco handled 40% more total orders YOY
  • And 17% more shipments YOY
  • With zero emergencies, missed deliveries, or lost inventory during the busiest time of the year

👆That’s hard proof: there are no more excuses for seasonal inventory problems.

Don’t wait until summer to start sizing up the reliability of your warehouse management system WMS/OMS… Because peak season is not getting any easier:

Nearly half (48%) of companies are now experiencing holiday-like volumes every day, according to the latest supply chain trends of peak season.

A cloud-based WMS attacks inventory problems all year long by delivering always-accurate, always-reliable information in real-time. This greatly cuts down on order mistakes, delays, manual tasks and labor costs, technology onboarding time, shipping costs, and much more.

Your 2023 peak planning starts now

Companies like Altitude Sports, Gordon Companies, and The Daily Grace Co. stood in your shoes once… Anxiety in October, followed by chaos in November/December, and sheer exhaustion in January. New problems were always moving faster than old technology could handle. One day, they’d had enough. Things had to get better. And they did.

They implemented Deposco’s warehouse management system, and are now able to handle very high volumes with no hiccups. Up and running in no time, the Deposco WMS gives these retailers information they can trust every minute of every day, every year — putting a stop to very long hours and stalled growth they saw previously.


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What about you? How did your 2022 peak season go? Wishing you would’ve? Thinking you could’ve? You still can, and readiness is easier than you think.

Kickstart your 2023 peak planning with Deposco Bright Warehouse, the most trusted warehouse management software.