Omnichannel retail fulfillment software

Explosive growth in omnichannel means it’s grow time. Get your inventory management and fulfillment operations ready! Deposco’s retail fulfillment software eliminates extensive work behind the scenes to get more orders out the door with speed and accuracy, at a lower cost. Seamless data flow and next-gen inventory management software capabilities – like drop shipping, automatic order routing, and pre-ordering – help you scale and create truly unified buying experiences via any channel, from click to delivery.

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Increase in daily shipments

Expanding our outdoor retailing operations from our first brick and mortar store to multiple stores and websites has been challenging, but optimizing our warehouse operations and fulfillment fueled our partnerships and global expansion.

Retail fulfillment software to help retailers thrive

Ramp up speed and efficiency

Rapid growth requires faster and more efficient processes. Your business needs retail fulfillment software that can keep up with consistent growth or seasonal spikes and adjust as necessary. Bright Suite enables teams to dramatically increase productivity with the right equipment, strategies, and processes in place.

Connect all systems

Deposco’s Bright Suite connects to more systems than any other inventory management software on the market. Whether your business is pure ecommerce or omnichannel with physical locations, gaining full visibility and control of your inventory is simple.

Inventory Management for Retailers

Offer free, two-day shipping

Now more than ever, consumers are considering free shipping before adding items to their online shopping carts, with a majority of consumers expecting free two-day shipping. Bright Suite allows your business to rate shop for the fastest and most affordable shipping carrier for each order.

Lower supply chain costs

Adding on custom features or extensions can be costly. Bright Suite has retail-focused features already built out for your business needs. Segment inventory to multiple channels, fulfill from the store and categorize inventory as specifically as you like with as many SKUs as you need.

Exceed customer expectations

  • A unified view of all operations in one retail fulfillment software system
  • Automated pick, pack, and ship
  • Waved or waveless strategies based on priority
  • Inventory segmentation across marketplaces
  • Cartonization and kitting options.
  • Gamification for team engagement
  • SSCC label generation for EDI
  • Rate shopping for the best price
  • Direct API with shipping carriers
  • Fulfill from warehouse, third party, or physical retail
Frequently asked questions

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  • Omnichannel fulfillment (sometimes called "unified commerce") refers to a retail strategy that integrates various sales channels to provide customers with a consistent and unified shopping experience. It involves managing inventory, order processing, and delivery across multiple channels to meet customer demands efficiently.
  • The benefits of omnichannel fulfillment include: 1. Improved customer experience and reach, 2. Increased sales and revenue, 3. 100% visibility of inventory management including physical stores, 4. Efficiencies in order fulfillment, and 5. Strengthened brand loyalty. See an example
  • Omnichannel flow paths are the different routes that customers can take to complete their shopping journey across multiple channels. These flow paths include in-store purchases, online purchases with home delivery, online purchases with in-store pickup, and more. Omnichannel solutions are frequently used to unify and optimize the inventory experience across all flow paths, thereby increasing a retailer's reach and profitability. Find top omnichannel fulfillment solutions
  • To create an effective omnichannel fulfillment strategy, consider the following steps: 1. Understand your customers 2. Integrate systems and processes 3. Optimize inventory management 4. Streamline order fulfillment 5. Provide flexible fulfillment options 6. Continuously analyze and adapt. Remember, an effective omnichannel fulfillment strategy should focus on delivering a seamless and personalized experience to customers while optimizing operational efficiency and driving growth.

Success stories


National Roper's Supply
"Our implementation with Deposco was amazing. We had three people onsite for go-live and were able to start shipping on the same day! I have never experienced that with any other implementations."
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Gordon Companies
"The biggest reason why we chose Deposco was talking to other customers of Deposco, the references. And when they really said that they stress-tested the system and they found it didn’t blink; it could just process huge volumes of orders. That was a clear-cut homerun reason why we had to change."
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"When you are in the beginning phase, you don’t know what you don’t know. And once you get into it, you realize that Deposco can do almost anything. Once you realize that, the whole world opens up to what is possible."
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