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Outerspace finds Deposco’s data and predictability lightyears ahead of the competition

Revenue growth over first 9 months
Increase in monthly orders shipped
Remote implementation


Outerspace is a 3PL reimagined. Helping clients grow their businesses while creating incredible customer experiences are just two of the core values ingrained in their culture. As an organization that takes a partnership approach in their own business, it was important to Outerspace to find a partner of their own who would take that same approach when they began looking for a new WMS system.

Before Deposco, Outerspace tried two other systems and found both to be lacking in functionality and versatility.  Working with many high-growth e-commerce brands, Outerspace needed to find a way to be flexible to accommodate each of their client’s specific shipping and billing needs.  In addition, Outerspace was seeking a system that could scale with them. They saw Deposco’s modular applications as a key benefit, fitting perfectly together but also standing strong on their own.


What I want out of a WMS as a CEO is to not have to worry about it. I want reliability and predictability. And Deposco has given me that peace of mind where I don’t have to worry about the data being messed up and can make informed decisions every day based on that data.


Efficiency and sustainability were key goals for Outerspace, with data as a critical pillar of that effort. Outerspace needed to be able to analyze more than once a month. Relying on monthly data only gave them twelve opportunities to make changes, which was not enough for their rapidly growing business.  

Outerspace wanted to know how efficient individual processes were overall but also at the brand level, daily. Real-time reporting in Deposco has made it possible to understand and optimize operations, even down to the margin they make per brand, per day.

“What is really nice about Deposco is not only does it help us grow from a process and data standpoint but it’s where we pull a lot of our billing out of. We would probably have to use three systems together to replicate what Deposco does for us.”

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