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Power Design Resources builds on innovation and increases order accuracy to 99.7% with Deposco

Increase in order volume
Increase in top line revenue
Order accuracy


Power Design is a national design-build multi-trade contractor based out of St. Petersburg, Florida with a focus on taking innovative approaches to construction. Unique to their industry, Power Design is known for pre-kitting their materials and products to be unit ready before sending them to the job site, saving time and money.

Prior to implementing Deposco, inventory fulfillment in their ERP did not provide the data they needed to monitor their operations or increase accuracy to the next level, which led to costly delays in construction schedules.

The team would receive reports of missing materials on site, with no way to prove the entire order went out resulting in hits to overall revenue. They needed a better solution to monitor their operations and inventory in and outside the warehouse. 

We are really big on innovation, so when looking for a WMS, we wanted a partner who shared that value. We absolutely love the Deposco team; they are quick to get back to us on new ideas and usually it’s implemented in a day or two.


The goal in implementing a warehouse management system was to get more accurate and more efficient in the warehouse. With Deposco’s cycle counting feature, they increased order accuracy to 99.7% while being able to perform four times more efficiently. 

In addition, the image scanning in Deposco allows them to see what was actually sent to the team onsite. This helps reduce confusion onsite and shows the client exactly how many pallets and materials left the warehouse and how saving the team in damage and lost goods replacement. 

Success stories


Gordon Companies
"The biggest reason why we chose Deposco was talking to other customers of Deposco, the references. And when they really said that they stress-tested the system and they found it didn’t blink; it could just process huge volumes of orders. That was a clear-cut homerun reason why we had to change."
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Third-party logistics (3PL)

Relentless Fulfillment
"Deposco has been a great partner for our business, not only on the fulfillment side and the warehouse management system, but overall how to scale this business as well. Every customer has different storage needs or different SKU counts or different ways to process a product. Deposco definitely gives us a lot more flexibility and options in terms of how we can cater to that customer as well."
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Third-party logistics (3PL)

ITB Fulfillment
"It doesn’t take a lot of tribal knowledge in order to be successful with Deposco. Onboarding is a breeze. The automation and user-friendly interface greatly shortened our new-employee training; the process could be a couple of minutes to maybe an hour."
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