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Plant Therapy flourishes with improved order accuracy and fulfillment processes

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Plant Therapy is an organic essential oils company located in Twin Falls, Idaho selling a variety of products such as essential oils, lotions, CBD and bath products. 

Before implementing Deposco, Plant Therapy had no visibility into where inventory was located. This made the team less efficient in their picking processes and frequently created mispicks resulting in lost revenue.

The team would gather around a table to mentally calculate and physically fulfill every order. The order counts would range anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 orders. Plant Therapy knew that the massive stack of labels and current process would not sustain sales growth. 

Our customers expect us to get their order fulfilled within 24 hours. With Deposco we are able to do this sometimes within two or three hours of them placing the order. Our goal is to continue with that progress and we know we can do it with Deposco.


Before Deposco, the fastest picker could handle 124 orders an hour and accuracy was iffy. After implementing Deposco, the team is now picking close to 500 items per hour with industry-best accuracy. The system’s easy-to-use interface makes it hard for someone to pick the wrong item. The team can onboard new members quickly with most pickers hitting their daily goal within an hour on Day 1 with Deposco. 

One of the benefits Plant Therapy found in Deposco was custom kitting, or bundling. Rather than manually putting  special product groups, such as fall scent trios, all together on the shelf, the team is able to create the bundle per order, saving time in preparing for a promotion and disassembling afterward. This gives the team flexibility in their product offerings to customers while increasing revenue opportunities.

Success stories

Third-party logistics (3PL)

Relentless Fulfillment
"Deposco has been a great partner for our business, not only on the fulfillment side and the warehouse management system, but overall how to scale this business as well. Every customer has different storage needs or different SKU counts or different ways to process a product. Deposco definitely gives us a lot more flexibility and options in terms of how we can cater to that customer as well."
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Third-party logistics (3PL)

Fulfillment Strategies International (FSI)
"It’s a fast-moving business, and things can happen quickly. The smallest change can have huge financial implications. Deposco shows what they are made of. We appreciate it. They have been a good partner.""
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National Roper's Supply
"Our implementation with Deposco was amazing. We had three people onsite for go-live and were able to start shipping on the same day! I have never experienced that with any other implementations."
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