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Nimbl Fulfillment shortens billing cycle by four days switching to Deposco

4 day
Reduction in billing cycles
Increase in order volume in 3 months
Improvement in cycle count accuracy


Nimbl Fulfillment, previously ESM Fulfillment, is a third-party logistics (3PL) company located in the heart of the western logistics hub in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dedicated to partnering with and serving their clients, Nimbl works to create the most efficient distribution and value-added processes with a blend of flexibility to give their customers great service at a great value. Nimbl specializes in being a one-stop-shop for their customers’ fulfillment, distribution, kitting, and assembly needs.

One of the main challenges Nimbl faced was tying data from multiple systems together for billing and month-end close. The team needed to bill accurately and in a timely fashion. Pulling together multiple spreadsheets every week to track billing and create invoices took up too much time which could be used for growth-oriented tasks.

I’ve worked in a warehouse where I had to pull information from multiple locations and combine that all into a spreadsheet and then put together financial statements based off of that. If I had to go back to that, it would be catastrophic. Knowing that I come in every day and everything’s right where I need it in Deposco, that’s my heaven.


One of the biggest advantages for a 3PL is having the flexibility to offer a variety of billing methods to customers. When looking for a new solution, Nimbl wanted a system that could keep up with the rapid growth they were experiencing, while providing a user-friendly method to fulfill the custom needs of their customers, such as kitting. 

Deposco allows Nimbl to pull all of the month-end billing and manage information effortlessly in one system. Integrating the 3PL billing module into Deposco’s order fulfillment system has allowed Nimbl to accurately and seamlessly bill within the system, eliminating spreadsheets and sending a clean, consolidated billing statement directly over to their customers. 

As a result, Nimbl has reduced their billing cycle from 7 days to 3, coupled with a significant improvement in billing accuracy. In addition, since implementing Deposco they increased order volume by 64% in a 3-month period, and are able to refocus the team’s time on customer activities that drive growth.

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Third-party logistics (3PL)

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Third-party logistics (3PL)

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