Consumer goods

Supply chain management software

Consumer product goods (CPG) companies are shifting their strategy from cost-efficiency to more agility. CPG industry leaders are relying on cloud-based supply chain management software like Deposco to provide a more reliable omnichannel experience, along with extended visibility to partners and suppliers.

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Increase in employee productivity

"The switch to Deposco revolutionized our warehouse and how we do things. The hidden strength of Deposco is the confidence it has given our team. We know we can deliver and so do our customers."

CPG supply chain management software built with flexibility

Increase speed and efficiency

Improve customer experiences with faster and more accurate supply chain fulfillment processes. Bright Suite enables you to prioritize orders or specific waves based on order date, customer, or location.

Strategize with predictive planning

Understanding your inventory turnover ratios can help with stocking the right inventory at the right time. Plan ahead for the busy season and feel confident in your stock counts year round.

Improve agility in operations

Compete on new product innovations, and provide better customer service through flexible market segmentations. Respond to market trends in omnichannel fulfillment with Deposco Bright Suite’s CPG supply chain management software.

Unify the supply chain

Coordinate communication between partners, systems, and marketplaces in one central location. Experience higher accuracy rates in order fulfillment and information.

Achieve your goals

  • A unified view of all operations in one supply chain software system
  • Waved or waveless strategies based on priority
  • Automated pick, pack, and ship
  • Inventory segmentation across marketplaces
  • API integration
  • Cartonization and kitting options
  • Bulk batch picking and packing
  • Gamification for team engagement

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