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FSI sees rapid value after implementing Deposco to automate complex 3PL client requirements and manual workflows

increase in total orders picked per month
real-time inventory accuracy
increase in number of orders picked per hour


Fulfillment Strategies International (FSI), a family-run third-party logistics provider near Atlanta, has operated for over 27 years, managing fulfillment, returns, and customer kit assembly.

As their operation grew from 16K to almost 500K square feet, so did their operational complexities. They had outgrown the efficiency of their legacy 3PL fulfillment system, internally developed integrations, and paper-based picking. A modern warehouse management system (WMS) would allow FSI to increase its focus.

In 2019, facing increasing demands from clients and the busy peak season, they chose a software provider and began implementation. It did not go as planned. After several setbacks, they realized they needed to shift gears. By June 2020, FSI turned to Deposco to meet hard year-end targets set by their largest client.


“It’s a fast-moving business, and things can happen quickly. The smallest change can have huge financial implications. Deposco shows what they are made of. We appreciate it. They have been a good partner.”


While FSI had always struggled with inventory in the previous system, the end of their first holiday season with Deposco’s 3PL fulfillment software was highly successful. Deposco proved the ability to maintain accurate inventory via live cycle counting.

That spring they began the rollout to +40 additional clients. FSI worked hand in hand with Deposco to quickly develop efficient processes for each client’s unique requirements. The clients love the 3PL fulfillment solution and report that “it’s the best thing that FSI ever did to support their businesses”. It’s easy to use, simplifies adding new trading partners, and client dashboards provide a live view into the day-to-day. Deposco has allowed both FSI and their clients to quickly respond as their business needs change.

“The efficiency of our promo and ready-to-ship set up with Deposco moved us from a one-off to being able to manage hundreds of thousands of orders really upped our productivity and financials.”

Deployment of Deposco’s 3PL fulfillment solution also took FSI out of internal development and maintenance mode. The IT team was pleased to see that integration Sockets were ready for almost every integration their clients needed. “Before Deposco, any improvements we created and maintained ourselves”, said Alston Callwood, IT Manager/Principal Developer. “Our IT team now has time to work on other initiatives.” FSI has a system they can rely on to do what it’s supposed to do.

What’s next? Linda shares, “We are looking at everything we are doing manually to find a way to automate it.” Even more, clients are improving their operations by mining the data from the WMS system for additional insights.

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