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Unilever brand Hourglass Cosmetics scales its multichannel operation with Deposco

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Hourglass Cosmetics was looking for a new technology stack that was able to withstand growing pains while expanding to a new warehouse. Originally, an add-on warehouse module within an ERP system was selected, but halfway through the implementation, it became clear it lacked the capabilities found in a true WMS.

The plan had changed from a need for a system purely for Hourglass Cosmetics to a system that could also serve as a 3PL for sister brand Kate Sommerville. The new system had to be flexible to accommodate both companies and have the ability to integrate two ERP systems. The choice was decided when Deposco confirmed they could successfully launch Hourglass Cosmetics within their tight timeline to meet their unique, functional requirements.

We signed with Deposco six months ago and we’ve been live for three months. You do the math on that!


Deposco had the system live with MVP capabilities within a 2-month timeframe. Today, Deposco allows Hourglass Cosmetics to continue scaling at a rapid rate with full visibility and flexibility for their unique business needs. Deposco has been able to create a simple environment for employees to learn. It takes just fifteen minutes to onboard new employees on Deposco to start picking orders and be productive.

The Depsoco system allows Hourglass Cosmetics to be able to operate its own operations as well as manage as a 3PL for Kate Sommerville. Deposco’s flexible formula has shown to work well for Unilever brands and has been expanded to Dermalogica in the UK to serve as a 3PL for Hourglass Cosmetics.

Success stories


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