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Altitude Sports reaches new heights with Deposco as a partner

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Altitude Sports is the top outdoor retailer in Canada offering exclusive, high-end merchandise. Paper-based processes with their POS led to inaccuracies and inefficient fulfillment in their brick-and-mortar stores. The company saw Deposco as a scalable SaaS platform partner that would let them ship faster, more accurately, and evolve their online retail model. Now 7 years later, Altitude Sports and Deposco continue working on innovative solutions and strategies to keep supporting Altitude’s growth.

Our partnership with Deposco has grown so much over the past 7 years. Looking back, it’s nice to see where we were at the time and where we are today. It still feels like a great decision and a great partnership.


In 2020, Altitude Sports saw 60% growth due to the influx of people wanting to spend time outside. In fact that same year, they were first to market with same-day local delivery in 2 hours or less in Montreal with Deposco running their fulfillment processes. Last year Altitude Sports and Deposco implemented a put-wall fulfillment strategy reducing fulfillment time by an additional 20%. The put wall allows similar items for multiple orders to be picked at once and placed in a centralized put wall location where each individual order can be picked up later from one location. That year, Altitude Sports shipped over 1 million packages through Deposco.

Success stories


"When you are in the beginning phase, you don’t know what you don’t know. And once you get into it, you realize that Deposco can do almost anything. Once you realize that, the whole world opens up to what is possible."
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National Roper's Supply
"Our implementation with Deposco was amazing. We had three people onsite for go-live and were able to start shipping on the same day! I have never experienced that with any other implementations."
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Gordon Companies
"The biggest reason why we chose Deposco was talking to other customers of Deposco, the references. And when they really said that they stress-tested the system and they found it didn’t blink; it could just process huge volumes of orders. That was a clear-cut homerun reason why we had to change."
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