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RIM Logistics sees 900% increase in customer base after implementing Deposco

Top line growth within two years
Decrease in client onboarding time
Increase in customers


RIM Logistics is a 3PL provider that has been a leader in international and domestic shipping since 1997.

In 2017, RIM Logistics was on the edge of a precipice, built on old technology and was hesitant to take the leap into the cloud. The team knew that in order to retain and attract new customers as a 3PL, they needed a system with more than just basic scanning capabilities. With the goal of expanding its customer base into the business-to-consumer (B2C) market, RIM wanted to take the leap but needed to find the right partner first.

RIM acknowledged their need to offer flexibility and new cloud technology on one platform that is accessible anywhere to all of their customers. Allowing their customers to have options of where they want to ship from and have full visibility was what drew RIM to Deposco.


Our team values the open relationship we have with the Deposco team, and their high level of commitment to create and maintain a partnership with us.


In the quest to find the right partner, RIM Logistics chose Deposco because of the flexibility to serve multiple types of customers, as well as the automation and tracking capabilities in a scalable, best-in-class warehouse management solution.

RIM Logistics wanted to be able to set up customer integrations on their own. With Deposco’s intuitive user interface, RIM was able to quickly and efficiently onboard new clients independently, which has quickly become a key selling feature for them with prospective clients. Since using Deposco, RIM has been able to cut their customer onboarding time in half.

Through Deposco’s flexible platform that provides complete inventory visibility from anywhere in the world, RIM Logistics has been able to drastically grow its client base, not only into the business-to-consumer space but at a 9x customer growth rate.

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