Complex 3rd party logistics project goes live in record time over the holiday, doubling productivity, improving client satisfaction, and reducing long-term costs vs. out-of-the-box suites

ATLANTA, GA – May 29, 2024 – Deposco, the leading omnichannel supply chain fulfillment solutions provider, implemented its cloud-based 3PL fulfillment solution for Alogistico, a high-growth 3PL based in California, in only 55 business days. The 3rd party logistics solution creates a technology backbone that delivers continuous scalability, transparency, simplicity, and savings in providing quick and accurate answers to clients about shipments, receipts, billing, and other requests. 

Flexible 3rd party logistics solutions vs. out of the box

The implementation involved many business complexities, including two different NetSuite customers that integrated differently. Despite the massive time crunch during Christmas week, Deposco had the WMS live in just 55 business days from design.

Alogistico had also evaluated out-of-the-box suites before selecting Deposco based on its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, swift delivery, face-to-face support, and ability to match how the 3PL operates. 

“The problem with proprietary suites is that they are inflexible; create hidden costs and points of failure; and are too difficult to learn, replicate, modify, and enhance,” said Steve Christiansen, President of Alogistico.

No introductory pricing, $1 million out of the gate, all-inclusive, and huge user licensing fees.” EDI wasn’t included in the core offering, which meant a simple pallet put-away would likely require integration by outside consultants. “That’s just untenable for a startup business. With Deposco, we have a platform we can commit to, build, and adapt – and not need to go back and change,” Christiansen said.

A 3PL logistics solution delivering fast results

Alogistico went live on December 28, and in the first week of full inbound/outbound on the 3rd party logistics solution, it shipped 1,000 orders.

  • Deposco deployed wholesale EDI in 15 days, allowing the 3PL to start shipping orders for REI, selling Amazon aggregator products, and supporting all kinds of orders.
  • Within 30 days, productivity doubled.
  • By 45 days, Deposco had custom dashboards live.
  • By Day 75, Christiansen realized he had a $3 million business on track to double its run rate in about six months from Day 1.

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“We are proud to have Alogistico as a customer,” said Bill Gibson, CEO of Deposco. “Steve and his team have a lot to manage as a 3PL – demanding customers, rising costs, operational complexity; the last thing they need is cumbersome software. Deposco is built to deploy rapidly and get to real business value, which really amounts to helping our customers grow their business.”

Flexible 3rd party logistics solutions pay off

Due to the flexibility of Deposco’s 3rd party logistics solution, Alogistico is now engaged with MHE providers that will enable support for future customers with large space requirements and high velocities of over 110 million units per year. 

“We know what we’re getting with Deposco,” Christiansen explained. “That adds a whole new degree of tech-savvy and where we take our customers in the future. Now we can offer good rates and good service – delivering confidence as their partner for technical services and integrations, instead of just a hollow ‘yes’. Deposco is a great asset to have.”

Learn more about Deposco’s robust platform, which brings 3PL warehouse management system and multi-facility order management system capabilities to market, including a self-serve customer portal and seamless integrations for automated billing, shipping, marketplaces, EDI, and MHE, and more, live in under 90 days with full, white-glove support.