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Tyndale puts out fires in supply chain operations with the help of Deposco

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Tyndale provides a single-supplier of top-quality, arc-rated flame-resistant clothing for keeping workers safe, comfortable, and regulation-compliant. While building their new facility was the focus of the year in 2018, their WMS provider suddenly discontinued services. Tyndale wasn’t planning on looking for a WMS but saw this time as an opportunity to significantly upgrade their operations.

While looking for a new system, Tyndale identified key drivers addressing challenges and future goals. They wanted a flexible system that could handle multiple picking methods. At the time they could only pick one order at a time. Tyndale used homegrown software in other systems. Therefore the selected partner needed endorsement from the IT team on its compatibility and interactivity. Lastly, Tyndale wanted the new system live before the new facility opened.

We love the level of configurable function Deposco allows. Before our system was straight out of a box with no flexibility. Deposco allows us to tailor the system to how we want it.


During their system inquiries, Tyndale considered over twenty different WMS providers. Their primary logistics partner, strongly recommended Deposco and only Deposco. Tyndale decided to move forward with Deposco because they felt the most comfortable with the knowledge of the Deposco team and the scalability of the system.

Deposco implemented Tyndale’s system within three months so the system was live well before the new warehouse opened. This allowed Tyndale to onboard their staff and get them comfortable with using the new system.

As a result of implementing Deposco’s Bright Warehouse application, Tyndale could now pick multiple orders consisting of identical products at one time. Plus locate inventory more efficiently and make putaway adjustments efficiently. After only a few months on the platform, Tyndale had the support and confidence to implement Deposco in their other two warehouses to provide full inventory visibility from all of their locations.

Success stories


Total Life Changes
"We ship to over 140 countries and have been able to stay current in FDA and international shipping regulations. Deposco has been the partner that has connected TLC to the world in a warehouse perspective."
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Vinyl Me, Please
"It was a huge ask to complete our project on a compressed timeline and on budget. Deposco delivered, and they were transparent about meeting every milestone along the way."
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The Daily Grace
"Deposco has helped us immensely by putting our picking and shipping under one umbrella. The impact of SkuVault and ShipStation not talking to Shopify, and having to take all of the products out of bins to check them, was too much. At the end of the day, our accuracy was failing due to too many hands in the cookie jar."
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