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Deposco helps businesses see what inventory they’ve got, where it is, and where there’s new demand for it.

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To make growth work it takes:

Supply Chain Simplified

Press the easy button and transform your operations with Deposco. Harness the power of automation and intelligent workflows to optimize your supply chain processes, increase visibility and reduce manual errors.

  • Fulfill orders strategically according to your current needs and business model, using waved or waveless strategies based on priority or order size, best-practice picking strategies, optimized labeling and palletization, and much more
  • Maximize operational efficiency – no integration glitches, no data lag, one unified view of all your operations, in a dashboard that works best for your team
  • Manage your inventory with 100% visibility at any given moment – from dock to stock, pick to ship, with cycle and physical counting, tracking, replenishment, receipt management, barcoding, labeling, cross-docking, returns and more
  • Stay on top of everything with automated notifications and alerts – for a range of key items like accurate inventory levels, sales generated and financial recording
  • Zoom in on specific business needs with real-time reports that let you easily track individual SKUs or channels

Speed to Value

The right software is only the start. Accelerate your growth journey with a partner who shares your ambitions and understands that go-live is different from ROI and understands what it takes to get you there in 90 days or less.

  • Improve operational processes over time – monitoring your results and recommending adjustments every step of the way
  • Identify meaningful dashboards and analytics that work for your business – not just for the sake of having pretty charts, but zeroing in on the ones most relevant to hitting your goals
  • Get actionable intelligence with easy-to-understand charts that let you assess performance data and monitor KPIs – helping you make the best decisions in real-time, maximize labor investments and continuously improve
  • Connect your current systems and bring all data into a single view – tap into 150+ pre-built supply chain integrations, the industry’s largest
  • Get enterprise-grade inventory management capabilities regardless of your company’s size or infrastructure, providing the flexible tools you need to scale up
  • Get average fulfillment times below 24 hours at 99%+ accuracy – a system that integrates directly with parcel and local carriers, calculates dimensions, shops rates, generates labels, connects into billing, and provides documentation and tracking for you and your customers

Platform for Growth

Fuel your expansion with a dynamic system that empowers your unique vision. Break free from cookie-cutter solutions - Embrace a platform that evolves alongside you, unlocking endless possibilities for tailored growth.

  • Always be prepared for demand spikes – peak seasons, promotions, product launches… with total end-to-end control, monitoring and company-wide visibility
  • Get help from a partner who will focus on your needs, develop tailored strategies, and continuously adapt and improve processes as you evolve and grow
  • Alleviate operational growing pains – an expert partner that makes your growing pains our growing pains, taking the burden off your shoulders, so you can attack growth
  • Tap into personalized services as lifetime collaborators, NOT a “one-and-done” transaction; Our commitment is ongoing, we continuously engage to identify and fuel your business growth.
  • Make the system work for you – rather than backing you into a cookie-cutter process, showing you how to create rules and processes that let you grow the way you need to grow
  • Gauge your performance over time by setting benchmarks and capturing any number of key data points in real-time

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