Order fulfillment software for ecommerce

Online consumers are motivated to continue shopping from businesses that focus on both product and customer experience. Ecommerce order fulfillment software from Deposco empowers companies to provide a positive experience alongside optimized supply chain fulfillment efficiencies.

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Increase in total SKUs

We love the level of configurable function Deposco allows. Before our system was straight out of a box with no flexibility. Deposco allows us to tailor the system to how we want it.

Order fulfillment software built to help ecommerce companies compete

Save on costs and time

Seasonal sales or spikes can create havoc on the supply chain if the necessary processes are not in place. Ecommerce order fulfillment software provides a consistent and fast experience for the customer to stay on top of the competition. Utilizing order fulfillment software such as Deposco Bright Suite can help reduce costs, increase efficiency, and maximize time spent.

Seamlessly process returns

Free returns or exchanges are one of the top reasons that consumers more likely to shop online. Be prepared to quickly accept, evaluate, and restock high volumes of goods so you can resell quicker. Remove inefficiencies in order to reduce costs by establishing an infrastructure with Deposco Bright Suite ecommerce order fulfillment software.

Inventory Management for Retailers

Ship in two-days or less

75% of consumers expect free shipping when purchasing online. This expectation is predominantly a ripple effect of the new norm that has been established by ecommerce giants such as Amazon and Walmart. Bright Suite order fulfillment software enables your business to rate shop for the fastest and most affordable shipping carrier for each order.

Provide best-in-class customer service

Deposco’s Bright Suite ecommerce order fulfillment software provides transparency across the board from the warehouse to the customer service team, and to the customers themselves. Empower your customer service team to make changes and provide real-time updates.

Differentiate on service

  • Automated pick, pack, and ship
  • Waved or waveless strategies based on priority
  • Inventory segmentation across all marketplaces
  • Cartonization and kitting options
  • SSPS label generation for EDI
  • Rate shopping for the best price
  • Process payments, returns, and discounts
  • Automatically capture orders for all channels
  • Direct API with shipping carriers
  • Enable order fulfillment from warehouse, third party, or physical retail
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Success stories


The Daily Grace
"Deposco has helped us immensely by putting our picking and shipping under one umbrella. The impact of SkuVault and ShipStation not talking to Shopify, and having to take all of the products out of bins to check them, was too much. At the end of the day, our accuracy was failing due to too many hands in the cookie jar."
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Total Life Changes
"We ship to over 140 countries and have been able to stay current in FDA and international shipping regulations. Deposco has been the partner that has connected TLC to the world in a warehouse perspective."
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Vinyl Me, Please
"It was a huge ask to complete our project on a compressed timeline and on budget. Deposco delivered, and they were transparent about meeting every milestone along the way."
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