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The Octolan team has collaborated on supply chain solutions for the past 25 years. With a foundation in EDI and supply chain automation, the team has cut their teeth on the tough problems facing manufacturers, distributors, 3PLs and retailers alike. With experience in small businesses with revenues in the $5 million range to Fortune 500 companies, our team has a breadth of experience which we rely on as we target the problems facing the industry.

One such growing problem is returns. The Octolan returns processing offering targets a need to help process physical returns received back at a warehouse. The efficient, scanner-based user interface and workflow-driven dispositioning process provides full visibility to your clients and their customers, whether implemented as a standalone system or coupled directly with a WMS. Additionally, the return solution integrates into Amazon to make processing Amazon returns a pain free experience. Other store front integrations are supported as well.

Additional product offerings from Ocotlan include EDI and Data Automation , Client Facing Order Management System (OMS)

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    Octolan helps customers rapidly disposition returned products while providing audit detail and images of products and packaging throughout the process.

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    Octolan Tech Helps Owen Allen Solutions Process Returns, Catch $150k in Fraud

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