Paccurate is a smart cartonization solution engine that reduces costs and waste.

About Paccurate

Paccurate provides a packing intelligence platform that offers total control over the atomic level of your fulfillment operation: the actual boxes and bags. With a lightning-fast API that generates real-time packing instructions, and a simulation platform that lets you run experiments or identify the perfect carton sizes, you’ll identify hidden and often counter-intuitive cost savings.

The Paccurate platform is the easiest way to grow your margins, and reduce SCOPE-3 emissions.


  • Paccurate: How It Works in 30 Seonds

    Paccurate is a cartonization API that helps retailers, 3PLs, and other shippers pack more efficiently.

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    ESG, warehouse management automation, and hidden savings What’s in the box? Customers are very invested in what they order. How cheap can they purchase it? How fast can they get it? Beyond frustration with poorly […]

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  • About Paccurate

    Reduce wasted materials & spending. Think inside the box.

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  • The PacSimulate Platform

    PacSimulate analyses thousands of shipments to determine the best mix of carton sizes to use in your DCs and stores.

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