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About Enveyo

Enveyo is the leading provider of logistics data management, visibility, and shipping optimization software, helping 3PLs and shippers of all sizes move their logistics forward through data-driven technology. From shipment analytics and automated carrier selection, to 3PL billing management, post-purchase delivery communications, and freight audit & recovery, Enveyo is the only suite deploying solutions across the logistics lifecycle.

Data-Driven Insights to Make Strategic Decisions

Leverage real-time access to your most critical logistics KPIs to drive strategic decision-making through predictive and prescriptive insights. Integrating with all global carriers and business systems, Enveyo gives you a single source of truth in a supply chain data control tower.

Supporting Organizations Through Mission-Critical Processes

Enveyo’s logistics optimization technology helps shippers and 3PLs streamline supply chain’s most mission-critical processes, including:

  • Data-Driven Logistics Insights
  • Parcel Spend Management
  • Carrier Contract Negotiation
  • Multi-Carrier Rate Shopping & Label Generation
  • 3PL Billing Management
  • Delivery Experience Management
  • Freight Audit & Recovery

Trusted by Leading 3PLs and Shippers

Leading 3PLs and shippers, including, GEODIS, Stord, Kenco, HEYDUDE/Crocs, CooperVision, Roche Diagnostics, and more partner with Enveyo to streamline operations, scale revenue, and optimize the shipment lifecycle from order through delivery.


  • Oscar Gladman, Director of Parcel Carrier Development Americas for GEODIS, Enveyo Client Testimonial

    Oscar Gladman, the Director of Parcel Carrier Development in Americas for GEODIS shares why he chose Enveyo to power their logistics analytics, reporting, 3PL billing management, and freight audit processes. Oscar details key decision-making factors, why Enveyo stood out over other options in the logistics technology market, and GEODIS' results to date.

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    Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czechia, Denmark, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, North America, Norway, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
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Additional Resources

  • How Leading 3PLs Leverage Enveyo

    You don't have to shuffle between spreadsheets, emails, and tools to manage your client shipping and billing process. Optimize customer rates, carrier discounts, shipping modes, and more.

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  • Case Study: CooperVision Optimizes Shipping Spend Using Enveryo's Suite of Logistics Software

    CooperVision sought a logistics software partner who could efficiently analyze supply chain processes, model future opportunities, and recommend next steps that would transform CooperVision's shipping operations and reduce overall costs.

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  • Case Study: Saddle Creek Logistics Services Stream;ines Parcel Billing With Enveyo Insights

    “We implemented Enveyo Insights as our parcel analytics tool to offer shippers much-needed transparency into their parcel data and costs,” said Megan Rudolph, Senior Director of Strategic Parcel Operations at Saddle Creek. “With this new functionality, our clients also have visibility into carrier performance, so they can ensure their parcel solution optimizes costs while still meeting the end customer’s delivery expectations.”

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