Sendflex parcel TMS enables shippers to automate intelligent decisions throughout the fulfillment process.

About Sendflex

Sendflex is a cloud-native, micro services-based parcel TMS platform that helps shippers optimize and execute decisions in digital storefronts, order allocation, fulfillment, and shipping. While legacy parcel systems simply print carrier labels one order at a time, Sendflex’s high-speed optimization engine looks across orders and creates plans and “what if” simulations to determine when, where, and how to cost-effectively use diversified carrier services. No-code configurable business rules eliminate buggy customizations and reduce time to benefit. We help shippers conquer complexity.

Key features include:

  • Instruct: Easily configure routing, cartonization, customer preferences, markups, and data conversions instructions for planning, simulations, and execution.
  • Optimize: Sendflex’s optimization engine processes 20k rates and instructions per second, opening the door to iterative simulation and planning.
  • Simulate: Apply optimization instructions against historical shipping data to model “what if” simulation impact on shipping costs and delivery.
  • Plan: Apply simulation insights against order data to generate and compare optimized plans. Release plans to shipping.
  • Cartonize: Determine the most transportation cost effective and sustainable method for packing order based on optimization instructions.
  • Execute: Weigh, rate, label and dispatch UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, regional carriers, couriers, and LTL carrier shipments.
  • Notify: Track and notify customers on status of shipments, retrieve signature PODs, and send alerts based on carrier exceptions.

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Additional Resources

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    Rerun historical shipping transactions using different "what if" carrier rating, routing, and fulfillment assumptions

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  • Sendflex Cloud Architecture Enables High Performance and Flexibility

    Sendflex Parcel TMS is built on a cloud-native, micro-service architecture that is highly available, secure, and automatically scales to handle peak volumes.

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    IT Has Sandboxes, But Where Do Logistics Professionals Play?

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