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About Lucas Systems

Lucas Systems helps companies transform their distribution center operations and continuously adapt to changing market dynamics using voice and AI optimization technologies. Lucas solutions are built on 25-plus years of deep process expertise and feature Jennifer, the brain, voice, and orchestration engine that drives performance improvement and accuracy gains. 

Our customizable warehouse optimization solutions can be incorporated throughout your distribution center, maximizing your team’s work execution every step of the way. Lucas warehouse optimization tools are configured to accommodate each DC’s unique operating environment.

Our optimization solutions include:

  • Voice directed warehousing
  • Warehouse execution
  • Labor management
  • Slotting
  • Robotics orchestration

Example results:

  • 122% productivity improvements
  • 99.99% same-day shipping
  • 80% reduction in picking errors
  • 50% reduction in labor hours
  • 33% increase in throughput


  • Achieve Distribution Center Excellence with Warehouse Automation

    Long before Siri and Alexa, Jennifer™ transformed warehousing and distribution with advanced AI and voice technologies. Today, Jennifer™ gives your distribution operation a competitive advantage, while making work easier and better for frontline workers and managers.

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Additional Resources

  • Lucas Warehouse Optimization Suite

    Powered by Jennifer™ Intelligence Based on thousands of person-years of accumulated operations experience in hundreds of DCs around the world, the Lucas Warehouse Optimization Suite helps DC operations transform and continuously adapt to changing markets and customer demands.

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  • Voice Picking Software Selection Guide

    Voice picking is a proven process for increasing the efficiency and accuracy of order pickers or selectors in warehouses and distribution centers. Pickers wear headsets with an industrial microphone that connects to a mobile device running the voice application.

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