Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence Platform revolutionizes the approach to shipping management.

About Reveel

Reveel is the leading Parcel Shipping Intelligence™ Platform that enables companies to level the playing field with FedEx and UPS. Its unique technology enables shippers to break free of expensive parcel shipping consultants with an easy-to-use software app that brings transparency to the black box of carrier agreements.

With over 17 years of parcel agreement management expertise and over $1.2B in parcel spend under management, the company’s SaaS app provides actionable insights to make smarter business decisions, optimize carrier agreements, and give shippers peace of mind. Reveel empowers customers to leverage the power of data science and peer comparison data to capture significant ROI.


  • White Labs & Reveel

    How White Labs Drives Savings and Improves Performance

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    Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence™ Platform – The First SaaS Solution That Puts Powerful Data Science at Shippers’ Fingertips

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    The leading provider of liquid yeast, and other fermentation products and expertise that leading brewers, distillers and wine makers need, knew it wanted to break from the vicious cycle of parcel consulting fees. The transition to Reveel’s platform delivered far more than savings.

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