We simplify and expedite small parcel delivery.

About Maergo

Maergo is a first-of-its-kind parcel delivery platform, purpose-built for branded direct-to-consumer delivery using modern technology and advanced data capabilities. The result is an expedited national service disrupting incumbent carriers and empowering the largest and fastest growing brands to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

By changing how middle mile logistics and last mile delivery are operationalized, we are at the forefront of making ecommerce shipping a great experience.

Maergo eliminates the need for investment in expensive regional distribution centers and multiple carrier relationships. Our pre-built integrations with the leading multi-carrier platforms means you can get up and running quickly with our 1-3 day delivery service, for all zip codes in the continental US, through a single contract and API integration.

Our network features includes:

  • Pick-ups from distribution center(s) seven days a week
  • Flexible sortation designed for optimal direct lane to consumers
  • Eco-friendly and time-efficient use of scheduled passenger flight cargo capacity from major airlines including American, Delta, Southwest and United Airlines
  • True agility and diverse use of trusted and scalable last mile partners creates multiple paths to the consumers doorstep.


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  • Maergo Fast Facts

    Maergo is a national carrier that small parcel delivery. We enable brands to improve their by delivering at a price point that simplifies and expedites customer experience faster shipping makes sense.

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