Techdinamics is a systems integration partner that helps 3PLs, brands, and retailers automate their final-mile shipping.

About Techdinamics

Techdinamics is a global technology group obsessed with simplifying fulfillment. We are a one-stop solution for shippers who need help automating their final-mile shipping process, including label generation for 150+ couriers, tracking visibility, and courier auditing.

techSHIP, our leading-edge technology, is a customizable multi-carrier shipping solution that automates and eliminates the hassle of small-parcel and LTL shipping. It seamlessly integrates with Deposco, so the user never has to leave the Deposco UI to generate labels.

With embedded tools like advanced rate shopping, on-the-fly order management rules, international shipping, markup profiles, zone skipping, and much more, it can easily get more volume out the door correctly – without additional labor – and make money on your shipping. We aim to eliminate manual touchpoints and mistakes, removing all the headaches involved in order fulfillment. techSHIP is designed to guide shippers toward The Perfect Order Process.


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