EasyPost provides a best-in-class multi-carrier shipping API that makes shipping more reliable, efficient, and affordable.

About EasyPost

EasyPost is a shipping and logistics technology leader that provides innovative solutions to today’s global shipping challenges for retailers, ecommerce brands, fulfillment providers, and online marketplaces. The company’s best-in-class, multi-carrier shipping API removes the technical complexities of logistics to make shipping more simple, efficient, and reliable. Built using the latest technology, their API delivers an industry-leading 99.99% uptime.

Smarter Shipping Solutions:

  • Address Verification API Confirm the accuracy of domestic and international addresses to improve deliverability.
  • SmartRate API Save money and improve on-time delivery metrics with data-backed optimization for every shipment. Shipping API Compare rates and purchase labels across USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and dozens of other carriers.
  • Tracking API Receive real-time shipment updates through custom branded tracking pages and webhook notifications.
  • Insurance API Protect your packages against damage, loss, or theft across all carriers, service levels, and countries.


  • EasyPost - The Complete Shipping Solution.

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