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KEYENCE is a global leader in manufacturing automation and inspection equipment, driving innovation in industrial technology.


KEYENCE offers a full line-up of Android TM handheld mobile computers for various barcode scanning applications, including wireless handheld readers, compatible with Deposco’s industry-leading WMS.

In addition to our innovative barcode scanning technology, KEYENCE offers a full range of services to further assist our customers including:

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BT-A700GA Full-Range Handheld Mobile Computer
The BT-A700 Series is capable of scanning barcodes from 1” up to 30’ away. This device boasts a ruggedized design while remaining lightweight to allow for stable one-handed operation with a 5” display screen.

DX Series PDA Handheld Mobile Computer
The DX Series is built for both high-speed and complex scanning applications. The ergonomic grip makes the 6” display screen easy to use, and expansion units, including RFID, allow for quick flexibility to onsite changes.

HR-X Series High Performance Handheld Reader
The HR-X Series of rugged industrial handheld code readers offers ultra durability and high-performance scanning capabilities for improved efficiency – available in both wired and wireless models.




  • Handheld Computer | Instant Scanning of Damaged Codes| KEYENCE DX Series

    - The New Standard for Mobile Devices Don't let damaged codes slow down your operations. With KEYENCE proprietary scanning algorithms, the DX Series handheld computer can instantly scan any code. Scanning is also possible at extreme angle, allowing for easier operator use.

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  • Will the barcode reader not break even if it falls from a jumping radio control car? BT-A700

    We conducted durability tests in various situations to find out how durable the BT-A700 is. We conducted an experiment to see what would happen if it fell off a radio-controlled trolley.

    View Video

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  • Handheld Computer BT-A700 Series

    Speed × Durability × Flexibility The New Standard for Mobile Devices with AndroidTM/Windows® 10

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  • Handheld Computer DX Series 6-inch / 4-inch

    Instant Reading at Any Range 1 inch to 30 feet away

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