Takt organizes WMS, Timecard, & automation data to reduce labor costs, retain top talent, and put your data to work for you.

About Takt

Takt is a next-gen labor management and optimization platform built for B2C, D2C, and 3PL teams. Takt delivers value in weeks by leveraging A.I. to turn your data into actionable insights that continuously improve operational performance and turn your team into all-stars.

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  • Takt Creates Highlight Engaged & Efficient Logistics Teams

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  • How Takt Powered nGROUPS's Best Peak Season Ever

    To ensure they can support their customers during challenging times, nGROUP needs to stay in control of their operation and take action at a moment’s notice. Takt’s operations platform provides logistics teams with unparalleled insight into what’s happening in real time, tools to engage and empower operators, and the ability to identify and eliminate waste within a facility.

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