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Takt organizes WMS, Timecard & automation data to reduce labor costs, retain top talent, and put your data to work for you.

About Takt

Takt is a next-gen labor management and optimization platform built for B2C, D2C, and 3PL teams. Takt delivers value in weeks by leveraging AI to turn your data into actionable insights that continuously improve operational performance and turn your team into all-stars.

Labor Performance Insights
Easily view warehouse labor efficiency and utilization across your network. Identify improvement opportunities and pinpoint process challenges, including workmix variance.

Employee Engagement, Coaching, and Reward
Performance improvement starts with your team. Easily track employee productivity, employee engagement, tenure, and retention. Provide employee feedback on performance, identify labor management and coaching opportunities, and deliver data-backed coaching directly within the platform.

AI-Powered Coach
Warehouses generate millions of data points a day. Training your team to digest this data and make real-time decisions takes time and experience. Takt’s AI Power Coach surfaces insights and actions for your team to improve labor productivity and employee engagement.

Seamless, Cloud-Based Setup & Configuration
Leverage the Deposco Data Studio to integrate with Takt in minutes – no IT required. Adding customers, updating processes, and changing standards can be done with the push of a button by you or the dedicated Customer Success team.


  • Takt LMS and Productivity Platform

    Takt is the easiest labor management and optimization system to implement and use. Takt plugs into your existing tools and uses AI to turn your teams into operations all-stars.

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Additional Resources

  • Takt creates the most productive, efficient, and resilient warehousing operations.

    The Takt Warehouse Analytics and Labor Management platform helps organizations reduce labor costs, engage and motivate their workforce, and create a culture of continuous improvement.

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  • How Takt Powered nGROUPS's Best Peak Season Ever

    To ensure they can support their customers during challenging times, nGROUP needs to stay in control of their operation and take action at a moment’s notice. Takt’s operations platform provides logistics teams with unparalleled insight into what’s happening in real time, tools to engage and empower operators, and the ability to identify and eliminate waste within a facility.

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