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vMeasure ensures precise item master data & optimized shipping charges with accurate computer vision based dimensioning tech.

About vMeasure

The vMeasure Parcel Ultima is a computer vision-based static parcel/pallet dimensioning solution built for 3Pls, Retailers and D2C brands that offers real-time dimensioning as a service, supported by vMeasure Forge—a robust cloud platform for data and device management, analytics, and seamless integration with Deposco without coding.

vMeasure helps you create accurate item master data using the vMeasure-Deposco integration helping you in improving slotting, storing and shipping charge calculation.

Key Features of vMeasure Parcel Ultima
• Dimensioning: Rapid (<1 second) and precise (+/- 0.2 inches) measurement of items ranging from envelopes to mid-sized refrigerators.
• Installation: DIY setup, deployable within an hour with complete cloud-based data and device management.
• Integration: No-code, API-enabled cloud integration with Deposco, allowing for faster implementation and reduced IT reliance.
• Data Capture: Customizable workflows with custom fields for standalone use without desktop and capturing SKU photos for audit and billing disputes

Where is vMeasure used?
• Inbound/Receiving: Accurately captures unit/case dimensions and weight for warehouse sortation, slotting, and WMS item master data.
• Outbound/Shipping: Measures parcel dimensions for accurate shipping label generation and captures images for audit purposes.

When is vMeasure a good fit for your warehouse?
vMeasure is ideal for businesses with high volumes of irregular SKUs, frequent multi-SKU shipments, regular packaging changes, and those using pack data for shipping calculations or cartonization.


  • Deposco + vMeasure Parcel/Pallet Ultima Integration Video

    vMeasure Parcel/Pallet Ultima accurately captures and records NTEP legal for trade dimensions and weights of SKUs for any pack type, building precise SKU master data. For any individual units, cases, packs, bundles, and pallets, vMeasure seamlessly measures and relays detailed dimensions and images directly to Deposco in seconds.

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  • vMeasure + Deposco Integration

    Capture unit, case, pack, bundle and pallet-level measurements using the vMeasure API integration with Depocso.

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