DropStream connects your sales channels and ERP systems with Deposco to automate order and fulfillment workflows.

About DropStream

DropStream is a leading ecommerce integration platform that automates order fulfillment workflows for high-volume merchants and fulfillment warehouses. Thousands of merchants across the globe utilize DropStream to integrate their commerce systems, and to automate and optimize their technical workflows. Our built-in DropStream Logic engine allows users to customize their integrations easily and support advanced features like multi-location routing, SKU filtering, custom fields and custom mappings.

In addition to powerful features, DropStream provides award-winning customer support. Our team provides guided on-boardings to help expedite implementation times, and we provide ongoing integration support and error message monitoring. DropSteam helps users identify workflow stoppages faster, and helps identify the steps to resolve any issues that arise.

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  • DropStream: Creating a New Connection

    In DropStream, a Connection is an integration between a Store and a Merchant. Follow these steps to create a new connection in DropStream.

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  • Automated eCommerce and ERP Integrations for Fulfillment Providers

    DropStream is an eCommerce fulfillment integration platform that allows 3PLs and other fulfillment providers to easily connect their warehouse management system to the online shopping carts used by their customers.

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