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Revolutionize warehouse automation with SVT Robotics. Rapid robot integration, real-time monitoring, and the power of choice.

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Experience the power of automation with SVT Robotics’ SOFTBOT Platform. As market demand intensifies, multiple automation technologies have become essential for staying on top. But as your robot fleet expands, simple point-to-point API integration becomes insufficient. You need a solution that can seamlessly orchestrate robotics and automation, rapidly integrating them with your current enterprise system.

That’s where SVT Robotics comes in. Our SOFTBOT Platform offers accelerated integration and interoperability across all supply chain systems, without requiring any custom code. Rather than forcing robotics and system providers to change their APIs, our platform normalizes data to work with existing API functionalities. This allows for rapid integration with any supply chain execution technology, as well as real-time system visibility and monitoring.

And that’s not all. SVT’s AppDirectory is a one-of-a-kind resource for exploring supply chain technologies and finding the perfect solutions for your business. Discover use cases, qualify solutions, and revolutionize your supply chain operations.

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