UnDigital is the pioneer of dynamic unboxing automation.

About UnDigital

UnDigital is the pioneer of dynamic unboxing automation. Our Smart In-Package Personalization™ is guaranteed to increase customer loyalty and order frequency through next-gen unboxing experiences.

UnDigital has taken the package insert marketing channel from batch and blast to a hyper-targeted, 1-1 personalized marketing channel.

In-Package Personalization™ is a turnkey solution for your marketing and operations teams to ensure that each customer gets a relevant message when opening their order from you.

In short, UnDigital’s platform allows you to create perfectly personalized packaging (based on any data point in your CRM) that goes inside each shipment to your customers.

UnDigital’s solution brings a never before seen level of targeting and operational efficiency to e-tailers’ package insert programs. Increase revenue, customer LTV, order frequency, customer loyalty, and much more.

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