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About Anansi

Anansi eCommerce Parcel Insurance is the world’s first embedded shipping cover with automated claims for retailers, logistics providers and marketplaces. With Anansi, you don’t need to file a claim for loss – it’s done for you.

Here’s how we’re different:

  • Revolutionary claims: automated, touchless and courier free
  • Comprehensive cover for loss and damage
  • Parcels covered up to £25,000 each, with all major couriers
  • Flexible and customisable: pick the order values of items to cover and change at any time
  • Real-time dashboard with shipping status and claims tracking all in one place
  • Backed and trusted by a panel of reputable global insurers
  • Easy integration with your ecommerce software

Our insurance is comprehensive and customisable. Simply choose the order values you want to protect and relax knowing you’re covered for the full retail value or cost price of your products, it’s your choice.

The Anansi platform seamlessly integrates with your ecommerce software and includes a real time tracking dashboard so you can see your shipping status and claims tracking all in one place.

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  • Anansi Ecommerce Parcel Insurance Demo for Retailers

    Discover how Anansi's award-winning parcel insurance solution can empower retailers to protect shipments, reduce losses, and boost customer satisfaction. Watch our demo to see how Anansi seamlessly integrates with your ecommerce operations, providing peace of mind and cost-effective coverage for your valuable deliveries.

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