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Shipping Insurance reinvented because deliveries cost you more than you realise.

Wasting hours chasing reimbursement on damaged or lost parcels? Say hello to automated claims agreed within 72 hours. Your revenue taking a hit when shipments go wrong or even subject to fraud, and no way to hold the couriers accountable? Anansi covers shipments against loss and damage sent with all the major couriers; plus, reimbursement is up to the full retail value of the item(s), not cost price. Defend the bottom line with regulated insurance with a 98% claims success rate vs the courier rate of ~15%. Fair pricing and pre-agreed coverage with the flexibility to pause or adjust coverage immediately.

In today’s world, the battleground for retail success is changing: The delivery experience is the brand experience. Our cutting-edge embedded insurance solution goes beyond ensuring that lost or damaged parcels are covered. We streamline and automate the claims process so your team can focus on other aspects of the business without worrying about financial impact or operational roadblocks. Plus, our data-driven approach provides transparency and actionable insights to help mitigate fraud and boost performance. The result? We help you deliver an exceptional customer experience that drives brand loyalty and sets you apart from the competition.

Bad delivery experiences impact your brand, NPS, and even churn. This moment in the customer journey is more critical than ever. Data insights created by the insurance claims help to reduce fraud and highlight operational improvements.

  • Reship replacement items fast with the confidence of reimbursement.
  • Reduce customer queries and complaints and protect the customer experience.
  • Streamline claims handling, freeing your team to tackle other priorities.
  • Insurance options build trust. Opportunity to recoup residual insurance costs from end-customer via “premium” options.
  • Fair and transparent pricing with no excess and no upfront premiums.
  • You’re in control. Set the order values you want to cover and stop coverage at any time from your dashboard.

Our insurance is comprehensive and customisable. Simply choose the order values you want to protect and relax knowing you’re covered for the full retail value or cost price of your products, it’s your choice.

The Anansi platform seamlessly integrates with your e-commerce software and includes a real-time tracking dashboard so you can see your shipping status and claims to track all in one place.


  • Anansi Ecommerce Parcel Insurance Demo for Retailers

    Discover how Anansi's award-winning parcel insurance solution can empower retailers to protect shipments, reduce losses, and boost customer satisfaction. Watch our demo to see how Anansi seamlessly integrates with your ecommerce operations, providing peace of mind and cost-effective coverage for your valuable deliveries.

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