DC360’s June report of latest retail fulfillment trends and strategies just came out, showing not only the challenges that retail supply chains are facing, but something far more practical:  the solutions.

Retail fulfillment solutions bridge the gap

The report shows the top supply chain fulfillment solutions that retail businesses are implementing in 2022 to:

  • Manage sustainable fulfillment affordably
  • Reduce the capital going into labor and infrastructure
  • Offload fulfillment to a third-party logistics (3PL) firm they can trust
  • Evolve stores and born-on-web brands for a smart transition to omnichannel fulfillment

Equally important is finding the right partner

At a time like this, anyone can grow sales. Scaling growth takes finding the right partner.

In an executive conversation with Justin Stone, senior vice president of customer success at Deposco, Justin said the right retail fulfillment solutions partner will guide your fulfillment-model changes in a way that benefits both buyers and sellers:

“It’s time to inject the aggregate finance equation into every business decision — which may include untried methods of selling, sourcing and moving products that are more profitable”. Most retailers want to take this leap, but feel they lack the tech infrastructure, time, and expertise,” Stone said.

Get the strategy, insights, and latest trends from DC360. Or learn how Deposco’s omnichannel fulfillment software for retail businesses have led companies like Altitude Sports to a:

  • 3X increase in daily shipments,
  • 54% increase in annual order volume, and
  • 70% increase in sales in the first year

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