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Store inventory and fulfillment

Extend omnichannel fulfillment capabilities and inventory visibility to your retail locations. Bright Store provides accurate, real-time store inventory data so you can provide a seamless customer experience every time.

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Visibility from store to warehouse

"The volume of orders we receive online today we would not be able to fulfill without Deposco. We have been able to grow year over year fulfilling and shipping more orders than the year before with the same team we started with."

Leverage existing retail locations to broaden your fulfillment network

Seamlessly fulfill from store

The best location to fulfill an order may be the actual store. Visibility beyond the warehouse allows you to pick, pack, and ship orders directly from the store. Provide options to customers such as buy online, pick up in-store or buy in-store and ship to home so you never lose a sale due to low inventory at a physical location.

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Manage in-store operations

Provide store associates with quick access to item information such as pricing, stock levels, and key characteristics to help assist customers. Manage in-store receiving, inventory, transfers, and procedures in the backroom all through Bright Store.

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Connect store communications

Bright Store allows store associates to see not only the inventory in the warehouses but also in other store locations. This helps your retail team to provide the best possible customer experience.

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Unified commerce platform

Allow your customers to order online and pick up in-store. Update inventory stock levels in-store automatically stock from the warehouse to the store. Store inventory levels, update automatically in-store when checking out.

Ship inventory direct-from-store with an omnichannel inventory management solution

  • Extend inventory visibility beyond the warehouse
  • Pick, pack, and ship direct from store
  • Empower store associates with item lookup
  • Receive online returns in-store
  • Manage customer accounts
  • Select a store location for fulfillment
  • Manage in-store receiving and backroom processes
  • Offer customers features such as BOPIS
  • Unify inventory management processes
  • Increase store communications

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