Bright Forecast

Demand planning

Accurately predict demand to understand sales trends and improve collaborative planning processes that directly influence and optimize supply chain operations.

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Reduction in out-of-stock rate

"Our team doesn't have to worry about data integrity issues or communication problems with Deposco’s single-codebase platform. My team of planners now have more time to spend on more important things than fixing what should be automatic.” "

Provide the products your customers want, when and where they want them

Ensure accuracy with advanced forecasting algorithms

Easily generate forecasts by selecting parameters to use different data sets and a mix of traditional and machine learning-based algorithms. Generate baseline demand forecasts by item, location, and channel. Handle outliers by applying different masking techniques.

  • SES
  • Holt-Winter’s Exponential Smoothing
  • Croston’s
  • Facebook Prophet
  • SVR
  • Ensemble
  • Best fit

Align forecasts through collaboration

Strategically developed on Deposco’s Bright Suite platform, Bright Forecast allows users to generate, review, and share forecasts using a common platform that spans supply chain planning and execution. To facilitate collaboration, Bright Forecast includes an approval system with notes and comments functionality, to allow users to set which forecasts have been reviewed and approved and which forecasts require more attention.

Unlock forecasting collaboration
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Use comprehensive historical data for accurate forecast results

Leverage existing item historical data stored within Deposco’s Bright Suite applications to quickly generate forecasts. Alternatively, import custom datasets using the Forecast Dataset tool, which supports multiple data types, making it quick and easy to start forecasting.

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Avoid item stock-outs and excessive inventory

Using the events happening in the entire supply chain, users can forecast accurately while gaining valuable and actionable insights into operational data and sales trends. This increases user productivity improves inventory management and boosts understanding of demand drivers and item performance to help identify revenue-generating opportunities.

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