From order orchestration and advanced warehouse management to dynamic sourcing, business forecasting and synchronized e-store applications, Deposco's omni-channel fulfillment software empowers small, midsize and enterprise-class businesses to adapt, transform and lead their organizations to achieve unified commerce excellence.


  • Bright Perspective Episode 5: WMS fulfillment software grows The Daily Grace

    Episode 5 of Bright Perspective kicks off a new series: The Supply Chain Diaries: WMS Edition, where we will be speaking with leaders in the supply chain about their warehouse management system (WMS) fulfillment software buying journey. Today's guest is The Daily Grace Co., an ecommerce seller of gospel-centered resources, to discuss the tremendous growth they have experienced as a result of implementing Deposco’s WMS fulfillment solutions for ecommerce.

  • Bright Perspective Episode 4: ‘Anywhere’ Retail Inventory Management – Feature’s Journey

    Today, shoppers expect a consistent, unified retail experience, whether they interact with your brand in person or online. That requires retail inventory management strategies that let you market your brand experience so that customers don't see a difference between the warehouse, the store, or in between.

  • Bright Perspective Episode 3: How to compete with Amazon and win market share

    In episode 3 of Bright Perspective, Deposco’s Director of Marketing, Carina Wingel, interviews Michael Johnson, Director of Business Consulting at Deposco, about how to compete with Amazon and win market share.

  • Bright Perspective Episode 2: What great 3PLs are doing

    In episode 2 of Bright Perspective, Deposco's Director of Marketing, Carina Wingel, interviews Ryan Berube, a Senior Solutions Consultant at Deposco who works with some of the company's largest and most complex third-party logistics customers. Ryan discusses the benefits of 3PL order fulfillment software and strategies that great 3PLs are using to capitalize on the strong 3PL market.

  • Bright Perspective Episode 1: A reflection on the lasting impact COVID-19 has had on supply chain

    In episode 1 of Bright Perspective, Deposco's Director of Marketing, Carina Wingel, interviews Justin Stone, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Customer Success at Deposco, about the impact COVID-19 had on supply chain, specifically the sudden shift to a direct-to-consumer model.

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