Bright Performance

Analytics and reporting

Bright Performance allows you to view your supply chain analytics and reporting data in real-time so you can clearly recognize where your operations are excelling and identify where there are opportunities for operational improvements.

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Order and inventory accuracy

I’ve worked in a warehouse where I had to pull information from multiple locations and combine that all into a spreadsheet and then put together financial statements based on that. If I had to go back to that, it would be catastrophic. Knowing that I come in every day and everything’s right where I need it in Deposco, that’s my heaven.

An analytics and reporting platform designed for real-time decision-making

Monitor performance with real-time visibility

Evaluate real-time statistics and monitor KPIs that are important to your business. Simple-to-understand performance charts enable you to view team efficiency, sales, and shipment metrics all in one place.

Unlock real-time visibility

Track performance

Bright Performance enables you to establish benchmarks to track certain data points and gauge your performance over time. Capture real-time data, such as the following:

  • Top-selling items
  • Order count
  • Picking and packing
  • Fulfillment metrics
  • Cycle count tasks
  • Orders per channel

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Automate reporting alerts

Mark one more task off your to-do list. With Bright Performance, you can establish automated notifications and alerts for inventory levels, financial recording, sales generated, and other processes.

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Build custom reports

Need to track a specific product or channel? Bright Performance empowers your team to generate real-time reports based on your specific business needs. Create custom reports by leveraging easy-to-use report models.

Make decisions with confidence

  • Real-time data and metrics for fast decision-making
  • Performance dashboards
  • Automated metrics tracking
  • Self-service and custom reporting
  • Baseline operational reports and KPIs
  • User activity tracking to measure productivity
  • Inefficiency prevention with automatic alerts
  • Operational process improvements over time
  • Avoidance of delays and bottlenecks
  • Generation of printable reports for executive teams

Success stories


"I am not sure what I will need from a WMS five years from now, but seeing the type of companies that work with Deposco, I am confident that Deposco will outlive my tenure at Gunner."
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Third-party logistics (3PL)

"What I want out of a WMS as a CEO is to not have to worry about it. I want reliability and predictability. And Deposco has given me that peace of mind where I don’t have to worry about the data being messed up and can make informed decisions every day based on that data."
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Total Life Changes
"We ship to over 140 countries and have been able to stay current in FDA and international shipping regulations. Deposco has been the partner that has connected TLC to the world in a warehouse perspective."
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