Bright Inventory

Inventory planning

Tired of stocking up to avoid stocking out? Tackle high-growth markets with information, rather than inventory. Automate time-phased inventory planning decisions, making purchasing fast and easy. Get Planning and Operations business units speaking the same language. So you can put the right products in the right places at the right time, even with market conditions constantly in flux.

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Our team doesn't have to worry about data integrity issues or communication problems with Deposco’s single-codebase platform. My team of planners now have more time to spend on more important things than fixing what should be automatic.”

Get proactive with inventory planning and management

Plan throughout the lifecycle

Start proactively managing inventory throughout its lifecycle to ensure that inventory, sales, and margins align to the budget. Launch new products with a solid understanding of demand for them. Bright Inventory helps you determine the growth and discontinuation pattern for the product with phase-in/phase out modeling.

Respond faster to market conditions

Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASNs) and low-inventory alerts empower your teams to replace risky inventory with valuable decisions. Being able to see the full picture of inventory within the broader context means your business can respond to changes faster with decisions that lower carrying costs and speed inventory turns as you scale.

Generate replenishments and reorders automatically

Easily create optimal replenishment plans using forecast, lead times, and on-hand inventory. Determine reorder points and time-phased inventory policies by SKU location. And slash inventory planning time, stockouts, and overstocks with dynamic planning across supply networks.

Seasonality Planning

Bright Inventory streamlines seasonal demand planning in high-volume operations where spreadsheets can no longer keep up. Create highly accurate forecasts of what you’ll need for every product, every season. Based on multi-dimensional growth projections and algorithms; not just historical data and educated guesses.

Kit Planning

Intelligently order products for individual forecasting as well as kit components. Bright Inventory applies growth rates for each season and product based on multiple factors not just historical data.

Manage Safety Stock

Automatically calculate safety stock. Bright Inventory improves your service levels by supporting both static and advanced safety stock planning methods. 

Success stories


Vinyl Me, Please
"It was a huge ask to complete our project on a compressed timeline and on budget. Deposco delivered, and they were transparent about meeting every milestone along the way."
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Fortress Building Products
"Fortress Building Products has been experiencing tremendous growth. Over the past five years since implementing Deposco we have seen a 150% increase in top line revenue growth. As we continue to grow and look to expand, the Deposco team is there to continue to work with us on these initiatives."
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"I am not sure what I will need from a WMS five years from now, but seeing the type of companies that work with Deposco, I am confident that Deposco will outlive my tenure at Gunner."
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