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Warehouse management software

Warehouse management software delivering enterprise-grade benefits such as company-wide visibility, extensive flexibility, and real-time data generation. Regardless of your existing size and infrastructure. Bright Warehouse empowers your team to pick, pack, and ship orders quickly and accurately using optimized processes.

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Increase in fulfillment efficiency

"When you are in the beginning phase, you don't know what you don't know. And once you get into it, you realize that Deposco can do almost anything. Once you realize that, the whole world opens up to what is possible."

A warehouse management system providing operational excellence

Strategically fulfill orders

Allocate order fulfillment processes by using waved or waveless strategies based on priority or order size. Segment workgroup assignments, pick tasks, and RTVs that best fit your business model. Establish fluid processes for your warehouse management team with staging and packing stations to optimize retail labeling and palletization. Our team helps you implement best-practice picking strategies such as batch, bulk, case/pallet, and cartonization.

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Network-wide inventory visibility

Manage all processes inside the 4 walls, including cycle and physical counting, tracking, and replenishment. In receiving, manage the receipt of goods against a PO or ASN. With warehouse management capabilities such as barcoding, labeling, cross-docking, returns, and more, your team will have 100% visibility and a clear understanding of where all inventory is located at all times.

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Fulfill with accuracy and speed

Bright Warehouse provides a 99%+ order accuracy rate with an average fulfillment time under 24 hours. Our warehouse management software system directly integrates with the parcel and local carriers, calculates dimensional weights, and rate shops for you. It then generates shipping labels, documentation and provides tracking for both you and your customer.

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Optimize warehouse management operations

Our advanced scanning technology with system directives, validation, and warehouse management processes creates a clear fulfillment process for teams to work efficiently. Dictate system-directed putaway, user-directed putaway, and stock replenishments for different types of inventory based on volume or popularity.

Automate with material handling technology

Bright Warehouse seamlessly integrates in real-time to automation systems such as fulfillment robotics, pick-to-light, print and apply and sortation systems. As your business grows, process higher volumes of orders per day while avoiding large labor cost increases. Achieve 30-50% productivity improvements by automating order fulfillment processes using material handling equipment and robotics integrated with Bright Warehouse.

Unlock automation with material handling technology

Maximize your capabilities

  • A unified view of all operations in one system
  • 100% inventory visibility within the warehouse
  • Automated pick, pack, and ship
  • Cartonization and kitting options
  • SSCC label generation for EDI
  • Wave strategies based on priority or order size
  • Segment across marketplaces and customer groups
  • Rate shopping for the best price
  • Direct API with shipping carriers
Frequently asked questions

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  • A warehouse management system (WMS) is software that delivers real-time insights and automated inventory fulfillment that's superior to what you can do in ERP. These systems guide picking and packing strategies such as batch, bulk, case/pallet, each, and cartonization. A dedicated WMS enables warehouse teams to automatically prioritize orders, shop shipping rates, and fulfill more orders at a lower overall cost. Learn more about ERP vs. WMS
  • For warehouse management teams, every day now feels like Black Friday. Most warehouses were never built to handle the high volumes of orders, let alone turn them into sustainable growth. A warehouse management system (WMS) helps break free from slow, manual, or disjointed systems and processes that cause mistakes, inefficiencies, higher costs, and customer-facing problems. Learn why a warehouse management system is important.
  • Extensive tips, tricks, and warehouse management trends to help you identify the best warehouse management system for your business, including what decisions to make and some practical WMS comparison tools. Learn which warehouse management system is best for you.
  • To find the right warehouse management system (WMS) and ensure a successful implementation, it's important to compare WMS capabilities in five main areas:
    1. Architecture
    2. Fit with core business requirements
    3. WMS Integrations and API support
    4. Project Team
    5. Measures taken by the vendor to ensure you never outgrow your system.
    Use this Warehouse Management System Checklist to compare WMS features in these 5 areas of your software selection.
  • Compare WMS software with extensive resources and warehouse management system comparison tools, including:1. Industry trends 2. WMS capabilities checklist3. WMS RFP Template4. WMS savings calculatorVisit the WMS software selection hub to quickly understand the subtle, yet material differences between options and find the right fit for your business.

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