Bright Order

Order management software and DOM

Enhance decision-making with an automated, intelligent order management software and DOM. Optimize order fulfillment, order routing, sourcing and shipping from warehouses, third-party logistics (3PL) providers, and retail stores based on real-time inventory, demand, and location. Bright Order order fulfillment software works seamlessly with Bright Warehouse in addition to integrating with homegrown and other providers’ WMS systems.

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More efficient in order fulfillment

"Our implementation with Deposco was amazing. We had three people onsite for go-live and were able to start shipping on the same day! I have never experienced that with any other implementations."

Order management software and DOM integrated with intelligence

Inspect inventory across all channels including Direct-to-Consumer (DTC)

See the big picture by viewing inventory across multiple facilities at once or filtering down to the details of one warehouse. Bright Order provides visibility to inventory fulfillment across all DCs, stores, Direct-to-Consumer channels, and partners. Our order management and DOM software synchronizes inventory across channels, making dashboards and reporting simple. Deposco’s best-of-breed order management system software also offers industry-best software flexibility aligned to your specific business needs.

Unlock real-time visibility

Fulfill orders faster with order management software and DOM

Speed your order management and fulfillment process by viewing inventory for all order types in a single view. DOM escalates the hierarchy to fulfill orders by the planned ship date by selecting the optimal fulfillment option. DOM enhances the omnichannel customer experience by handling payments, returns, and order substitutions. Create the best experience for your customers by offering order fulfillment options such as buy online/pick up in-store, or ship directly from the store.

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Automate order allocation using our advanced rules engine

Bright Order makes it faster and cheaper to manage the sources to fulfill and ship every order. Divide multi-item orders among stores, DCs, warehouses, or suppliers automatically. Connect and compare drop shipping options for suppliers, and automate order management decisions based on cost and speed. Automated validations and actions prepare the orders for fulfillment:

  • Address validation
  • Dates
  • Item price
  • Fulfillment time
  • Stock levels
  • Order splitting

Manage the order life cycle

Process all order types from all sales channels in one system. Deposco’s order management software automates validations and actions using configurable rules and event-based workflows. Manage order exceptions and determine order priority by automatically assigning processes based on order attributes. If a multi-item order is split, Bright Order will provide visibility and tracking for both shipments under a single customer order. From receiving to shipping, Bright Order provides a single view of the entire order.

Automate decisions with confidence

  • Reserve inventory for specific orders or channels
  • Optimize drop shipping
  • Provide real-time inventory visibility for customers
  • Buy online and pick up/return in-store
  • Segment stock by channel or customer
  • Process payments, returns, and order substitutions
  • Avoid chargebacks
  • View orders for all sales channels in one place
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