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Sourcing and purchasing

Manage purchasing and replenishing all in one system. Bright Source allows you to manage supplier profiles and create purchase orders in draft mode before submitting the order.

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Suppliers on a single platform

We looked at many other systems, but the value we got with Deposco would not have been possible with any other WMS provider.

A fully integrated, intelligence supplier selection process for sourcing

Manage supplier profiles

Create and manage supplier profiles filled with data such as payment terms, reorder points, minimum purchase amounts, unit costs, and lead times. Empowered with the ability to track vendor SKUs, shopping across multiple vendors for the best price on an item is simple. 

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Draft mode for purchasing

Create purchase orders in draft mode directly in the system. Once your purchasing team has finalized the purchasing order, submit it to vendors for bidding on new purchase orders all in the system. Great for seasonal planning.

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Tyndale puts out fires in supply chain operations with the help of Deposco
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Real-time visibility of inventory receipts

Access full real-time visibility of receipts in receiving in the warehouse at the corporate office. Bright Source allows your purchasing team to adjust future orders based on the current inventory level and how well those items are selling. Obtain received receipts across all third-party logistics networks used for an enterprise view of all purchasing orders.

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Collaborate with suppliers and purchasing teams

Allow every supplier to view their particular orders with a specific login. Collaborate in chat features or leave comment notes for the specific supplier all in one user interface. 

Purchase and source smarter

  • Set reordering limits to prevent stock-outs
  • Understand your product cost
  • Receive orders directly in the platform
  • Improve accuracy for order processing and reporting
  • Email and pdf print order confirmations
  • Track cost fluctuations of consistent orders
  • Manage purchasing and replenishing in one system
  • Break up an order across multiple suppliers

Success stories


"The volume of orders we receive online today we would not be able to fulfill without Deposco. We have been able to grow year over year fulfilling and shipping more orders than the year before with the same team we started with."
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Third-party logistics (3PL)

King Solutions
"Deposco liberated us from relying on a provider to onboard clients. We can now onboard our own clients while having the option for support. This has reduced onboarding time from multiple weeks to just days."
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Third-party logistics (3PL)

Drive Fulfillment
"The number-one reason I'd recommend Deposco is for transparency. The real-time tracking of inventory,  shipments, and everything in between has made all of our jobs, including customer service,  far easier. And the more time we can spend on strategy, vs. simply answering questions and shutting down one-off requests, the faster we can grow. "
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