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2024 Peak Planning Starts Now!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how was your Peak Season? Was it a disaster? If you're going to be ready next year, it starts with a new warehouse management system that you can rely on.

Need to get order mistakes under control, introduce automation quickly, and prepare for omnichannel success? Talk to us now, or see below to explore how high-growth businesses are owning their Peak.

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Psycho Bunny Revolutionizes Peak Season Fulfillment

Deposco integrates online + in-store operations across 60+ stores in 6 months

Successfully merging fulfillment across channels with real-time visibility eliminated stock-outs and lost sales caused by fragmented systems. They can now ship-from-store and fulfill online orders without inventory complications or delays.

"After our first store went live in only 3 months, we were shipping more than 62,000 orders alongside a 3-day reduction in processing time for orders sourced from the DC to under 48 hours out of the stores with Deposco."

Deposco Customers are Better Prepared for Peak - and You Can be Too

more confident that their current technology will drive profitable growth during peak season.
better positioned with their omnichannel strategies.
more prepared to automate fulfillment processes

Start your planning for Peak today!

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Simplify Your Peak Season

Deposco is a configurable WMS + OMS + Store fulfillment platform committed to grow your business the way it needs to. Get lightning-fast time to value. No hiccups across customers during the busiest time of the year, and ultimate flexibility for future tech planning.

  • Instantly unlock capital tied up in labor and shipping
  • Reduce the cost of creating great customer experiences
  • Make more products available in more places for less
  • Slash order processing and onboarding times
  • Improve order accuracy
  • Tap into expert, always-available tech resources
  • Collaborate with 3PLs in real time
  • Import orders reliably

Warehouse Manager’s Guide to a Chaos-Free Peak Season

Get strategies across 5 risk areas that directly impact profitability in your warehouse: Labor, Supplier Management, Order Accuracy, 3PL Collaboration, and Future Tech Planning.

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