CRM, Marketing, Demand Generation





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CRM, Marketing, Demand Generation

Help unlock the power of your customer data.  With the right demand generation solution in place, your brand will be exposed to more customers, while you increase sales and loyalty.

Our Premium Partner, Listrak, provides a powerful digital marketing platform that optimizes retailer and brand communications through email marketing and subscription programs, SMS marketing, social media and web commerce.   Listrak maintains a Net Promoter Score of 9.4 – meaning their clients love Listrak and would recommend Listrak!  Listrak is also a strategic partner with our Premium Partner UPS, so feel free to ask your UPS Account Rep about special offers via UPS.

Listrak acts as a central CRM nervous system, to personalize communications for your target market, with a robust software-as-a-service (Saas) offering that supports you as you grow and expand your marketing campaigns and programs.  With Listrak and Deposco in place, together you will attract more buyers and better manage the increase in orders processed through your warehouses and suppliers.

Explore how to put growth oxygen into your business plans and leverage Listrak Digital Marketing to:

UNIFY – Collect and Unify Customer Data and Buying Signals
INTERPRET – AI2: Artificial Intelligence x Actual Intelligence
PERSONALIZE – Intelligent Orchestration and Automation
ENGAGE – Seamless, Efficient Cross-Channel Interactions

Learn more about Listrak client success with this customer testimonial video.